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[온카지노][http://www.77anm.com] Who deserves to say "don't care about winning or losing" 덧글 0 | 조회 2,276 | 2020-01-09 18:01:23
Experts pay attention to the system, ordinary people pay attention to the results. Experts are systems theory, ordinary people are results theory.

To distinguish between technology and luck, and between signal and noise, the most important thing is to distinguish between decision levels and decision outcomes.

The most shocking example:

There is a 70% chance that 온카지노이벤트 A will occur and a 30% chance that Event B will occur You chose to bet on Event A, but the actual result is that Event B has occurred.

Ordinary people will think that you have made the wrong decision, experts think it is very unlikely that Event B has occurred, and will not rush to change the decision system.

In very uncertain situations such as poker, investment, speculation and competition, the level of decision cannot completely determine the outcome of the decision. For example, a person's "playing skills" are very good but often lose for a while. This does not deny his level. In the long run this guy will definitely win. This is like a casino. You are interested in the entire profit system without worrying about temporary gains and losses. Thus, people with a stable profit system can make money for a long time, such as currency exchange and investment services on behalf of others.

In this way, the above situation is similar to gambling. They all have a probability game and a bit of toughness, which constitute the real situation we face.

In very uncertain scenarios, individuals actually have less chance to participate in the game, and in this situation they lack the ability to make decisions. And this is a free game scenario. People with high levels of decision making can make money from people with low levels of decision making.

Then to participate in this kind of "gambling" game you must have your own decision-making skills and the ability to go to the table. In addition to effective exercises that improve decision-making skills, as well as frequent exercises (you can train through simulations, reviews, etc., if there are no real opportunities for participation), you need to skin each element. In athletic games, that is, you have to be in a crisis, you have to spend real money on investments to be interested in the decision, and the whole talent actually makes the decision. Otherwise, you will have an indifferent spirit, which will not help to improve the level of decision making.

You can only say "not interested in winning or losing" if you actually participate in decision-making games and make all decisions according to the long-proven "system theory" and deal with unsatisfactory results. Your heart, you will surely win to the end.

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